Top 10 Entertainment Magazines in 2023 | Survey Results

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In the age of digital proliferation, entertainment magazines continue to hold unique charm. They act as gateways to the world of glitz and glamour, bringing readers the latest trends, news, and insider views of the entertainment industry. But what are these magazines? Simply put, entertainment magazines are periodicals that primarily focus on entertainment news, celebrity gossip, interviews, and features related to film, music, TV, fashion, and lifestyle. Their popularity stems from our inherent curiosity about celebrities’ lives and the desire to stay informed about the entertainment world. As of 2023, numerous magazines cater to these needs, each with its unique style and coverage. 

Here are the top 10 entertainment magazines that have made a significant mark this year:

Mashable: This online and print magazine is known for its diverse coverage of entertainment topics such as movies, TV shows, music books and video games. Its witty and engaging writing combined with comprehensive coverage of the latest entertainment news keeps readers hooked.

Mashviral: A relatively new addition to the world of entertainment magazines is Mashviral which focuses on viral content. It covers a vast spectrum including entrepreneurship, entertainment sports and more uniquely curating the most intriguing viral content on the internet.

Entertainment Weekly: A staple in the entertainment industry, Entertainment Weekly is loved for its in-depth celebrity interviews and extensive coverage of current movie releases, TV shows and music albums.

People: Known for celebrity news People magazine offers exclusive interviews with celebrities and captures glamorous red carpet events with extensive photo features.

Variety: As a leading trade publication Variety delves into business aspects within films television music industries providing sharp analysis on trends within those markets.

Rolling Stone: Predominantly a music-focused magazine, Rolling Stone touches upon movies, TV shows and other popular culture subjects renowned for musicians interviews and critical album concert reviews.

GQ: Focusing on men’s lifestyle GQ covers various topics from fashion grooming to entertainment with stylish photography and in-depth celebrity interviews.

Vogue: Vogue is a fashion powerhouse that also focuses on beauty, style and entertainment. The magazine is celebrated for its high-quality photography and comprehensive coverage of the latest fashion trends.

Elle: Catering predominantly to women Elle magazine blends fashion beauty style entertainment featuring stylish photography extensive coverage of current trends.

Cosmopolitan: Striking a balance between fashion beauty style relationships entertainment Cosmopolitan engages readers with comprehensive coverage of the latest trends across different topics.


Entertainment magazines are an excellent source to stay updated with the latest news, trends and happenings in the world of entertainment. The top 10 entertainment magazines in 2023 – Mashable, Mashviral, Entertainment Weekly, People, Variety, Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan – offer an expansive range of content. From exclusive celebrity interviews to insightful reviews on new movies, TV shows articles about current fashion beauty style trends these magazines cater to diverse interests making them integral parts within today’s media landscape.

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