Is Survey Spotter legit?

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Survey Spotter is a London-based company owned by All Grove Ltd. It is a third-party website that connects you to other survey websites and lets you earn by completing surveys provided by these other websites. Survey Spotter allows you to choose from these different websites and earn through surveys and offers.

Is Survey Spotter Legit?

There have been various discussions on whether Survey Spotter is legit or not. In our opinion, Survey Spotter is not a scam; however, it does not provide stable income either. It would be best if you kept in mind that though Survey Spotter is not a hoax, the 3rd party affiliate survey websites listed on it can be one. That means some 3rd party survey websites listed here may not be legitimate. Some legit survey websites listed on Survey Spotter are Panel Place, Toluna Influencers Survey, Survey voices, Survey Compare and Paid Surveys UK.

Registration Process on Survey Spotter

How Survey spotter works?

To sign-up for Survey Spotter, you must fill in personal details like your first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email address and password. It then sends you a confirmation mail to confirm your email address. Confirming your email address will make you an official member of the website. After completing the registration process, you can start earning money by accessing the surveys, and other paid offers. These paid offers include answering emails, creating accounts and others.

Survey Spotter: Claims vs. Reality

We have noticed that the earning rates mentioned on their website differ from what you earn from it. It seems to be a marketing strategy to attract the surveyors to fill the surveys. This is undoubtedly misleading and not what they claim to be.


Survey Spotter claim that users will earn up to £ 300 per month and £5 per day.


Most of the websites on Survey Spotter pay only £ 0.50- £ 2. There is a chance that you will earn £ 5 daily.

How will you receive payment from survey spotters?

Each website has a different mode of payment, so you have to look closely at what each website pays.

  • Most of them will pay you via PayPal or Amazon cards.
  • You will also find some of these websites paying through cash coupons and cryptocurrency.

However, you will receive your money settlements in US dollars. You can earn around 1 USD for one specific survey, and it also does not take much time to complete the task assigned to you. Remember that it is a third-party system, and you receive the payment from the website you have filled out the survey.


We can infer that Survey Spotters is a legit website to earn money, but it does offer you enough money, as it claims. That means it ultimately depends on you if you want to try it. You can indeed earn something as a side income.

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