Is Nielsen survey legit?

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The Nielsen Consumer survey has been conducting surveys over the last 40 years and has conducted over 200,000 surveys annually. They collect information regarding radio listening, newspaper and magazine reading, television viewership, and leisure and shopping habits of the respondents. The data collected by Nielsen Consumer Survey is further used by local radio stations, television channels, newspapers, magazines, and retailers to get insights into what they consume on these channels. Nielsen Consumer Survey is an active member of various reputed organizations, including the Better Business Bureau, Market Research Association, and the Council of American Survey Research Organisation.

How does it work?

Nielsen survey conducts four types of surveys, from which you can choose your desired one. These are:

  • Survey Booklet ( paper and digital ) – As we mentioned earlier, Nielsen Survey conducts these surveys on behalf of the local mass media channels so that its consumers get a better understanding of what they prefer reading, watching, listening to, or shopping. These surveys benefit these channels, and the respondents who answer these surveys represent thousands of people. If you opt for a survey booklet, you can seal and mail it to submit your response. Before sending your response, ensure that you correctly write down the address so that it reaches the correct place. Also, Nielsen Consumer Survey suggests the respondents do not fill out the paper survey if they have filled out the e-booklet survey.
  • Telephone survey – In the Nielsen Consumer Survey telephone survey, surveyors are asked about lifestyle behavior, media choices, and other viewership habits. Retailers and media organizations will use this information to improve and take note of and improve the services they offer. A computer selects phone numbers through a random selection process.
  • TV Diary – Nielsen Consumer Survey asks the respondents who have filled out the survey only to fill the TV diary. You are required to fill out the TV diary for seven consecutive days if you tend to watch television for more than five minutes. You are required to write down the name of the channel and the duration you spent watching the particular show and channel. You can also write ‘Did not watch TV today if you did not watch television on that specific day.

Is Nielsen Survey Legit?

Nielsen claims that all the information you share with them, including your name and other contact information private. Your privacy is their top priority, and your contact information will not be shared with other companies, which implies that the Nielsen survey is completely safe for you.


From the above information, we can imply that Nielsen Survey is a legit website that does market research on behalf of many local channels. It is one of the largest market research companies in the world. Respondents get specific points upon completing the surveys, from which they can redeem their gift cards from various shopping websites, including Amazon, Walmart, and PayPal.

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