How To Get Unlimited Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

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Google survey awards is a paid survey application by google, whose main purpose is to understand your psychology and behaviour. It sends multiple surveys throughout the month with some simple questions related to your activities.

After completing the survey Google rewards you with a decent amount. However, some users are unable to get surveys on their app. They get surveys on starting, but after some time google stops sending them surveys.

Check this article to know how to get unlimited surveys on google opinion rewards? If you want to maximize your earnings through unlimited surveys on Google Opinion Rewards, you should know a few things.

How To Get Unlimited Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app that rewards you for answering surveys. The app is available on Android and iOS devices so you can install it on your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll be presented with an initial survey when you first download the Google Opinion Rewards app. Your first few surveys will only be worth a few points each—but after completing them, the rewards will increase dramatically!

Type of Surveys

Before getting to solutions, you must understand their mechanism. Google sends surveys according to your activities. That’s why all surveys are related to you, that makes the survey more simple and you can answer them easily. Most of the survey is related to your location history or your browsing activity. Lots of time surveys are small and easy. However, you also get some big surveys with 15+ questions.

Always remember that more questions mean more money. So, always answer surveys with some interest. If you click a random answer for quick money, you eventually stop getting surveys.

How to Get Unlimited Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is a simple single-screen app with a clean and ad-free interface. It’ll be great if you get surveys daily but it’s not possible, still, you can get surveys every week with high payment.

Here are some tips you can consider for increasing the flow of surveys on your device.

  • Try to open the Google survey reward app regularly and enable your internet connection. So, whenever the survey is available you get notified by the app.
  • Most surveys are based on your location history, make sure whenever you travel use Google Maps. When you use google Maps it automatically enables your GPS and tries to review the place which you visit.
  • Lots of surveys come from your Google history, so whenever you use google search try to sign in with the same account you signed in for the Google reward.
  • If you start getting surveys, try to give your time on every survey and try to be truthful with your answer. Afterall all questions are based on you. Don’t try to quickly finish the survey for money.
  • After doing all the things mentioned above, if you are still struggling with the survey, then the last thing you can do is to submit feedback from your reward app and mention your problem. It always works if everything fails.

Tips & Tricks to get more Surveys

1. Switch On Device Location Services

If you’ve ever used Google Opinion Rewards, you know that it does not offer a lot of surveys. However, some ways to increase the number of surveys are available to you. One way is by making sure all of your location services are turned on:

  • Location History—This setting allows Google to track and save where you go daily (and for how long). If this setting is turned off, then Google will not be able to provide rewards based on your location history or give any information about what stores or restaurants are nearby when they offer a survey based on location.

2. Change Your Address to Get More Surveys

  • Open the app, enter your name and address information into the fields provided, and then hit “Continue.”
  • You’ll be taken to a screen with different surveys available for you to take at that time, based on your location and interests.
  • Now head over into Settings within the app itself (you’ll find Settings right below where it says “Your info”) and change your address here as much as possible
  • And voila! Once those addresses have been exhausted (which could take weeks), change them again and repeat this process until there aren’t any more left in any given area outside your current location (which could also take quite some time).

3. Answer Your Surveys Consistently and on Time

To earn more money, you should answer your surveys consistently. This means that if you can’t answer a survey on time or don’t have the time to do so, then it’s better not to answer.

Also, if you don’t get enough surveys in a day, it is highly recommended that you keep checking for new ones. If a survey has been sent to your inbox and hasn’t been completed yet, there’s no point in waiting till tomorrow since it may be closed by then. Just go ahead and complete those surveys today itself instead of delaying them.

You need to answer surveys consistently and on time to get unlimited surveys on google opinion rewards. You can also change your device location, change your address, or use a VPN or browser extension.

Benefits of Completing Surveys

If you don’t want to spend your money on any digital products such as games, applications, movies, or books, then google rewards can be deemed ‘perfect’ for you. Don’t have the false hope of getting hundreds of dollars from surveys. In fact, if you want to purchase any games or applications you have to complete many surveys. You can’t purchase anything from a single survey. However, you can earn enough money to purchase some low-budget games and apps after some research.


Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on how to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards. The app is free, so there’s no harm in trying different methods. If you want to maximize your rewards, follow these tips and see what works best for you!

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