Is California Opinion survey legit?

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I’ve been registered with California Opinion for a while now. I’m not sure how many surveys I’ve done, but I’ve never qualified for one yet. They keep saying that they are getting new surveys every day, but they never seem to get any surveys. I’m wondering if this site is legit or not. I’m thinking about unsubscribing from it and just taking the time to do the other survey sites that actually have surveys available. Is California Opinion a scam?

Is the California Opinion survey legit?

California Opinion survey is a project of Sequoia Research, LLC, that conducts surveys for the local people of California to know about their opinions regarding various topics that impact the quality of living.

  • The purpose of this survey is to gather the information that helps the community leaders. It is a non-partisan and confidential survey.
  • Their website has kept their work less conspicuous and is currently not conducting surveys.
  • Also, they have not mentioned anything about the monetary benefits upon completing the survey. Hence, it is highly unclear whether they provide any gift cards or coupons to the respondents of the surveys.
  • Even on their Facebook page, no information is available. There is no description of the survey or any other posts except their icon. The page is rated 2.4 out of 5 stars. Some of the reviews by users on the Facebook page are as follows:

Reviews on Facebook

Shady. Just collecting ur data. Not legit”


Although this page offers no text or information of any kind, it has changed its profile photo three times within the last 24 hours. I guess what it lacks in substance it makes up in vanity and indecisiveness.”


Sequoia Research

Sequoia Research is a research company that conducts surveys across the USA to gather information about the quality of life, regarding various topics. They claim that their surveys are confidential and unbiased. Depending on the location where the survey has been conducted the name of the survey changes like California Opinion Survey, Michigan Opinion Survey, New Jersey Opinion Survey, etc.

Sequoia researchers claim that they are not affiliated with any political party, state government, local government, or any other form of government. Their website says that the surveys conducted by them are non-partisan. The questions asked in the surveys conducted by them are mostly related to the current issues that are in the headlines and are important to the community. These surveys can only be taken through smartphones or computers. 

Although, as mentioned earlier, there is not much information available on their website and it is hard to say if it is a genuine website or not.

Issues with Sequoia Research LLC

  1. The monetary reward promised by the company is very low and no guarantee of receiving the same.
  2. No information about this company is available online and this is a clear Red Flag.
  3. The survey does not seem to be a non-partisan survey and seems to be a politically motivated survey. Most of the survey questions are related to Democrat candidates.
  4. Risk of personal information if you participate in the survey.


From the above information, we can infer that the California Opinion survey is not legit. In our opinion, you should not respond to these messages or emails, as these are most likely to be scams. But if you are really interested at least take the surveys from a new email account and not your personal account.

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